Acting / Modelling / Singing

To avoid problems and mixups, there are terms and conditions when booking Alana.
Before booking, please make sure you read all Terms and Conditions. The rates section is based on basic shoots, so please discuss the job prior to ensure you are charged the correct amount and avoid any extra costs.
** For Influencing and Blogging Terms and Conditions, please click the below.

For Paid Work:

  • When booking Alana – we do not take a deposit.
  • If a job is cancelled within 30 days of the job, there is a 50% cancellation fee.
  • If a job is cancelled within 7 days of the job, there is a 70% cancellation fee.
  • If a job is cancelled within 24 hours of the job, the full amount is to be paid.
  • If a job is moved to another date within 14 days, you will incur a $50 fee.
  • Jobs with an hourly rate – lunch breaks are not deducted, Alana is still booked and therefore is still paid.
  • Invoicing terms should be discussed prior to having the invoice sent. We are aware different companies have different payment systems, and therefore will invoice accordingly. If this is not discussed prior, you must abide by the invoice terms you have been sent.
  • Invoices that are late will incur a 10% fee. Every 7 days it continues to be unpaid, another 10% will be added.
  • If parking hasn’t been provided, any costs will be reimbursed.

For TFP:

  • We understand this is a TFP, however if you cancel within 7 days of the shoot a $50 fee will incur.
  • A makeup artist MUST be present. If one hasn’t been organised by you, please note you will need to cover the cost of Alanas MUA ($150).
  • Alanas parking costs will be covered if need be.
  • A TFP contract will need to be signed.

Basic Rates


Day rate – $800 (8-12 hours)
Hourly rate – $110


Day rate – $1000 (8-12 hours)
Hourly rate – $150